Q 01. When will the traveler first meet with the flightaide, and how long are they expected to be together?

Unless planned otherwise, typically the traveler and the flightaide meet each other at the departing airport, and part ways at the destination airport.

Typically, both travelers and flightaides sign up on our platform, verify their emails, log in, and create their profiles.

Following which, travelers save their flight searches, and flightaides enter their travel itineraries. Once they get alerted of a potential match with an email notification from Flightaides Inc., they chat with each other via our platform, and the traveler finalizes their reservation by making an online credit card payment.

The payment is held in escrow till the traveler and flightaide complete their flight together. Finally, they leave each other reviews.


Q 02. What is Flightaides Inc. all about?

Here, check this video out. Also, here's a blog.

Q 03. Can we look at a product demonstration video to understand exactly how the marketplace works?

Here's a walkthrough of our marketplace.

Q 04: What kind of tasks would I be expected to help with, as a flightaide?

Our platform has in-built chat functionality that enables travelers to exchange messages with available flightaides BEFORE they make the reservation. This way, flightaides know the expectations upfront. You will likely accompany the traveler(s) through security, customs, baggage claim, help with language issues, remind them to take medication, and guide them through gates and terminals. You are not required to provide any medical assistance. Think of it as assisting with tasks that you would normally have to go through while traveling.

Q 05: If I sign up as a flightaide, how will I get paid?

Once both the traveler and flightaide confirm that their flight has been completed together, funds are disbursed manually by the company to the account entered by the flightaide. This payout will be eventually automated.

Q 06: How much can I earn as a flightaide?

Depending on the flight segment (domestic or international) and assistance provided, a flightaide can earn as much as $150 USD for a round-trip.

Q 07: Can a flightaide donate their earnings?

Yes, we intend to partner with charitable organizations and non-profit foundations, and enable you to donate your earnings to support their cause.

Q 08: Can I sign up both as a traveler and as a flightaide?

Of course, on one flight you might need help, whereas on another flight, and under different circumstances, you might be able to help someone else. Just make sure you use different email addresses to sign up.

Q 09: I have booked a flightaide for my loved one(s). Can I keep in touch and communicate with them?

Our platform allows all parties to stay in touch throughout the journey with our in-built chat functionality.

Q 10: What is the cancellation policy?

If you, the travel planner/traveler cancel 14 or more days prior to the date of travel, you are refunded 100% of the service fee
  - if you cancel 8-13 days prior to the date of travel, you are refunded 50% of the service fee
  - no refunds if you cancel less than 7 days prior to the date of travel
  - if the flightaide cancels, 100% of the service fee is refunded to you irrespective of whether a replacement flightaide is found or not

Q 11: What if my flightaide doesn't show up?

Firstly, our sincere apologies to you for the hassle. Your payment remains in escrow till you and the flightaide confirm that you've taken the flight together. If the flightaide doesn't show up, your full payment will be refunded to you. Additionally, you can leave a review so that other travelers, like yourself, will be warned before they make a reservation with this flightaide. That review will show up on the flightaide's profile.

Q 12: I'm having trouble creating a password.

Your password should be a minimum of 8 characters, a maximum of 100, and must have atleast one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character. If you've forgotten it, please use Forgot Password? to reset your password.

Q 13: I've forgotten my password.

Please use Forgot Password? to reset your password. Follow the guidelines.

Q 14. Will my personal contact information, like phone and email, be exposed?

While we collect your personal information, we do not share it with anyone. We strongly encourage you to use the in-built chat functionality provided by the platform. We recommend that you do not provide your phone number or email in the chat.

Q 15. Could flightaides pose danger to society?

The air traveler who needs assistance is vulnerable, and that’s why they need a flightaide to help them through their journey. What if the flightaide is a predator, who wants to take advantage? This is a very legitimate question and let’s find some answers together.

First, every traveler’s passport or Government ID gets verified by authorized personnel, and red flags can disallow any traveler from flying. Hence, instead of re-inventing the wheel, Flightaides relies on each country’s government to establish standards for document verification.

Second, the traveler and the flightaide do business at airports and inside aircrafts, which are typically crowded with other passengers who can promptly answer an urgent call for help. Additionally, airports and airlines have authorized personnel on duty, making it hard for predators to operate freely. With all due respect to ride sharing apps, a rider is often more prone to a potentially harmful driver inside the confined spaces of the driver’s car. Also, in the home sharing model, a guest is just as much prone to unknown dangers when living inside a host’s place. We understand the riders and guests may not be as vulnerable as air travelers seeking assistance, but at the same time, we would like to encourage everyone to not get caught up in the paranoia.

Third, any vulnerable air traveler, with or without an accompanying flightaide, can be susceptible to predators, and flightaides.com doesn’t necessarily inflate that risk further. In certain cases, the risk could be higher if this vulnerable air traveler were traveling alone.

Fourth, travelers and flightaides leave each other reviews and are able to share their experiences, good or bad. Other users can then make more informed choices, and the business can choose to take action by restricting certain users from operating on our platform.

Q 16. Can I serve as a flightaide to multiple customers on the same flight?

Not at this time. We would first like to make sure that the service works well one-on-one, before we enable one flightaide to serve multiple travelers on the same flight.

Q 17. My question isn't answered on this FAQs page. Who can I ask?

Ah, not a problem. Click the customer support button at the bottom right corner of this page, and someone will help you out. In the future, we will try to add the answer to that question here. If it's come to your mind, it will likely bother someone else as well.