Air Travel Tips

by Flightaides      June 26, 2020      Airports/Travel Tips


Everyone has been a first time traveler at some point. If you are flying for the first time you may be filled with mixed emotions, or even just downright anxious. In any case, being an air traveler should be easy, right? Well if you follow some of these tips, it will turn you into an experienced traveler in no time!

Take precautions for Covid

Boost your immunity. Wear a mask. Protect your eyes. Consider wearing a face shield. Practice social distancing for atleast 6 feet. Wash your hands for 20 secs. Use a hand-sanitizer. Use alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces you will touch.

Arrive early

It is recommended that you show up to the airport at least 2-4 hours before your flight. Long lines at the check-in counter or security, along with many other factors can cause anxiety and stress for anyone, let alone a first-time flyer. Be sure to show up well in advance of your departure time to ensure you are set up for success.

Weigh your bags beforehand

Nowadays, airlines are looking to charge you extra in any way that they can. This is absolutely true for luggage, especially overweight baggage. The charge for overweight baggage can be over $200 USD! There is nothing more embarrassing than being stuck between deciding to pay the overage fee, or popping open your suitcase right there and deciding which of your favourite pair of shoes to leave behind to bring the weight down. Do yourself a big favour and weigh your bags.

Triple check you have all of your necessary travel documents

You’ve just had a wonderful trip and you are at the airport ready to check-in for your return flight back home. You are heading to the check-in counter when you realize that you don’t have your passport! You call the hotel and they say they have already cleaned the room and didn’t find anything. Now you are stuck trying to contact your country’s embassy to obtain an Emergency Travel Document, but they won’t be able to process it until the next day. This means that you are missing your flight and also having to pay for an extra night at the hotel or worse, sleeping at the airport. Sounds terrible right?

Stay hydrated

If it is your first time flying, you won’t be used to the high altitude and the recycled air of an aircraft fuselage. This, along with the loud noise of the engines and the potential for turbulence, is prime for causing nausea and headaches. One of the best ways to combat this is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Flight attendants do offer drinks during most flights, but it is usually infrequently, and in small amounts. We suggest bringing an empty water bottle with you (since you can’t get through security with more than 100ml of liquid). Once through security, you can then fill your empty water bottle at any fountain. Do yourself a favour and don’t skip this step!

Always exchange currency beforehand

If you are traveling to another country that uses a different currency, you definitely should consider exchanging your cash before traveling. There are a plethora of currency exchange desks at the destination airport, but generally they offer much lower rates of exchange compared to if you were to do it at home. Usually, your home bank carries most major currencies and will typically offer you the best rate of exchange. Travel is already expensive as it is, don’t miss out on saving some money by planning ahead!